Using Turnitin

Turnitin for Students

To access the Turnitin assignment your instructor has created:

  1. Go to the class site
  2. Locate the link the instructor has created for the assignment
  3. Check the top and confirm you are viewing the My Submissions tab
  4. Click on the Submit text below the Grade column
    The Submit Paper is a link just below the Grade column
  5. A window will open for you to start the process to upload your assignment
  6. Select your type of submission: File Upload or Text Submission. In most cases, there will only be the File Upload option available
  7. Enter a title for your Submission, this is a require field
  8. For the File Upload option, drag a file from your computer and drop it into the file area
  9. After you've successfully added your paper to the file area, click on the checkbox at the bottom
    1. A warning message will pop up to warn you to check off this box in order to submit, as long as the box is checked off, you can submit your assignment
    The statement is to acknowledge that the file uploaded is your own work.
  10. Click on the Add Submission button
  11. A submission receipt should appear on your screen, click it to close it
    The receipt is to acknowledge your submission has been submitted to Turnitin.


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