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CCLE via a mobile app

Did you know CCLE has a mobile app? There are multiple ways you can set this up.

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  • If you only want to do one install, or already have this installed, try UCLA Mobile as it includes CCLE Mobile.

UCLA Mobile site Apple App Store Google Play Store

UCLA Mobile, showing the Mobile collection of apps



  • Another similar app is available at [Moodle app] and this is the native Moodle app. But for better app experience, use the CCLE Mobile app.
    Moodle app, native app from
    • When entering your username, add following your UCLA logon. For example, if your UCLA logon is joebruin, your username will be


Tips for using the CCLE Mobile app

Depending on your use case, you may want to install one or all three of these setups.

Students can access course readings on their phone or tablet and even download them for offline reading!

The CCLE Mobile app saves login information, so you don’t have to use MFA every time you want to access your course site.

The CCLE Mobile app also pools the Calendar Events for a single course or all of your courses in the system, so you can see which events, presentations, or assignment due dates are on the horizon. You can even set up Notifications from 10 minutes up to 24 hours before a deadline.

Download now and enjoy more functionality at your fingertips in both CCLE Shared System and CCLE Social Sciences System.

Apple App Store Link Google Play Link


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