Navigate around CCLE

Find your course website

  • Go to and login
  • If you are enrolled in a course, it will appear in your "My Sites" list on your CCLE home page.
  • To find classes from previous years, click the "Term" drop-down and select the appropriate quarter.


  • If you do not see your course site, you can search for it under the search sites feature on the left-hand side of the page.


  • If you still cannot find your course site, contact the professor responsible for the course website or the project lead for a collaborative site.
  • If you are the professor or project lead of a CCLE site and cannot access your site, please contact your department's Local CCLE Support Staff.
  • For courses you have been added to by Registrar, you can also into and click on the title of your class from your Class/Study List page.

FOR STUDENTS: Try this hands on Guide to Your CCLE Class Site!

Navigate within your course

Check out this 4:47 min. video to the basic navigation of a CCLE site. Many of the features will also be referred to in the bottom of this documentation.
  • Each course is divided into sections. These are automatically named Week 1, Week 2, etc.
  • To navigate to these sections, simply click on the section names in the Site Info block, usually located on the left side of the page
  • The section you are currently looking at is highlighted in gray, as seen for Week 1 below.
  • If you want to look at the contents of the entire course simultaneously, select Show all

You can hide or show the navigation drawer by clicking on the icon in the upper left hand corner of the class site. This will allow you to expand the main content area for viewing.



The Admin Panel

The Admin panel offers one centralized location where instructors can perform many of the tasks common while editing a class website. These tasks can also often be performed by clicking the Turn editing on button. The use of either is based on individual preference.

Access the Admin panel

  • The Admin panel Admin panel buton is located in the upper-right corner of the site.
  • The Admin panel combines Control Panel + previous Course administration block

Manage material

Settings & backup

  • Edit settings
  • Course visibility
  • Import
  • Filters
  • Backup
  • Restore

Users & groups

Logs & reports


To learn more about Other tools, search for documentation using our search at the top of this page.

  • Advanced Functions

Please refer to our guide to learn more about Advanced Functions.

Admin panel Troubleshooting

  • Admin panel only works with the UCLA format.
    • Edit settings => Course format => Format and Drop-down must be UCLA format. Otherwise, when Admin panel is clicked, only a white screen will show.

Find your old course files from before Summer 2012

  1. Login to the archive server at
  2. Under My Sites, select the term during which the course was taught, or, alternatively, All Terms.
  3. Click on the specific course you are searching for. If this course does not appear under My Sites, use the search function on the left-hand side of the page to assist with finding it.


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