Quiz, Continue the last attempt

If you have an issue where you have a loss of internet connectivity, you may get a message, see screen shot.

Message, Your connection was interrupted


Get reconnected, you should see something like the screen shot below.

Attempts allowed: 1
Summary of your previous attempts
In progress
Continue the last attempt (Button)

Click the Continue the last attempt button.

You should return to nearly where you where before you lost connectivity.

If you have a State of Finished, the Instructor will need to be involved.

Button, Continue the last attempt

Anecdotal from March 16, 2020 (tested and confirmed same behavior for both Navigation of Free and Sequential, 7/27/2020), three Quizzes, Students taking each Quiz had Wi-Fi issues and where dropped our crashed out of the Quiz. All Students either restarted their device, preferred, and logged into CCLE, sometimes launched Respondus LockDown Browser, and had the 'Continue the last attempt' work as expected. Most Students did have to answer one Quiz Question again. A few, with three Questions on a Quiz Page, had to answer the three Questions again. None of this three Quizzes where in the State of Finished, so the 'Attempts allowed' Workflow was not needed.

Addititional anecdotal, April 23, 2020 (tested and confirmed same behavior with just Respondus LockDown Browser, not Monitor, 7/27/2020), Using Respondus LockDown Browser with Respondus Monitor, requires more network bandwith, about 70 Students, probably a dozen did have network issues. Each had to go through the Respondus Monitor Startup Sequence, then the Quiz, Continue the last attempt worked as expected.


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