Checking Grades

Checking Grades

Grades Navigation Panel

  1. Go to the Grades icon, Navigation panel, left side of the browser
    Grades icon, Navigation panel, left side of the browser
  2. This will show you your user report for the individual class.
    User report of grades for a class

URL from Moodle to MyUCLA

  • Inside Grades from the Navigation panel (above), there is a URL that will take you to
View grades reported to
  • When a student logs into MyUCLA, he or she will see a screen, may be quite long, with the grades entered in MyUCLA at the top part of the screen, named "EXAM AND HOMEWORK GRADES".
Exam and homework grades
  • Further down this screen, you will see a heading that says “CCLE Grades”, this is where the Moodle Grades that were pushed over to MyUCLA will be displayed. The heading is small and can be easy to miss.
CCLE Grades for Public Health Nursing

The grades that are pushed from Moodle to MyUCLA are lacking context, i.e., the 10 may be 10 out of 12 or 10 out of 20, only after the Instructor does the "Import to GB" will there be context.

If the Instructor has done the "Import to GB", then you will see the grade under the "EXAM AND HOMEWORK GRADES" and the context of the grade, i.e. 10 / 12.


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