Iclicker Students 7.x series, Sept. 2015

Iclicker Students 7.x series, Sept. 2015

The iClicker Student Remote can be purchased or rented.

Rental info is at the iClicker site

These instructions are for the following models:

How do I register the iClicker to the Moodle site?

  1. First go to your instructor's class site (you can access your instructor's site by signing into, once signed in, click on the title of the class in your Study List)
  2. Log into your instructor's class site
  3. Look for i>clicker block to the right side of your instructor's site
  4. Click on the Remote Registration link in the block
  5. Enter your i>clicker remote ID (instructions on how to locate your remote ID will be to the right of the page)
    Iclicker, Series 7, Student Registration of Remode ID
  6. Click Register and you're done!

You SHOULD register your iClicker remote with ALL classes you are enrolled in at the start of the quarter, even if you have previously used the iClicker remote in a previous class that used CCLE or if you are currently in a class using CCLE. If you have problems registering your iClicker remote, or your instruction is unable to locate your name on their iClicker roster, please click on the Need Help button in the upper right hand corner of the course site and Submit a help request.


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