Respondus use for an exam

Respondus use for an exam


I am required to use Respondus to take my exam in CCLE. How do I get started?

  1. Installing Respondus for the first time
  2. Look for the the download to Respondus on the Quiz information page, or you can use this download Respondus link
From a quiz page, you will see options to learn more about Respondus or you can click on the "INSTALL NOW" button in the box to the far right
  1. After installation, review this Guide on Respondus, which will cover how to launch it before taking your exam, using Respondus Monitoring, and troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting tips

You will need to go to the quiz in CCLE to launch Respondus. The quiz doesn't work by going through the Respondus (icon) application on your desktop. Also, if you used Respondus at another institution, it will not work with this quiz; uninstall previous version. Here are some things to try if you encounter issues with Respondus:

  • Restart you computer.
  • Try a different Internet browser.
  • Check to see if your security settings are high and not allowing Respondus; add it to your trusted sites or lessen your security settings.
  • Go to CCLE (make sure no other software is open).
  • Reload the page on CCLE with the quiz, as it may remember/load your last visit error.
  • Take the quiz. Respondus will install updates if necessary when it is launched.

Are you seeing an error with Zoom and Respondus while taking an exam?
If your instructor has required you to run Zoom while taking your exam in Respondus, but Respondus is asking you to close Zoom (such as this screenshot):

If Respondus is asking you to close Zoom in a dialog box
  1. Close Respondus and Zoom
  2. Navigate to your exam in CCLE
  3. Click on the link to your exam
  4. Launch Respondus when you are prompted to
  5. Start the exam
  6. Click on the link to Zoom
  7. Join Zoom from the browser instead of your desktop Zoom app. In order to do this, you will need to disallow the browser from opening the Zoom app (by clicking Cancel in the pop up window) and clicking on join from your browser.
    After you have clicked on the link to the Zoom meeting room you will be prompted to launch the Zoom browser


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