User Access to Course Sites

Invite users to join my class

NOTE: Instructors, TAs, and Students are automatically given access to course sites via the Registrar's Office. Please do not attempt to enroll any student seeking full credit for the course in your site.

  • If an enrolled student cannot access the course site, that student should seek assistance for login problems.
  • If an instructor or TA does not have access to the proper site, this needs to be addressed through departmental administration (site access is issued upon completion of hire paperwork).


Whom might I want to invite to have access to my class site?

  • administrative assistants supporting the course
  • students finishing an incomplete
  • peer learning facilitators
  • senior scholars
  • guest lecturers
  • temporary participants

How to invite a user to join the site

Note that users must have a UCLA Logon ID (username and password) before he or she can be given access to the CCLE system and your course site. Guests and visitors might need to obtain a UCLA Logon ID before accepting your site invitation.

  1. Go to the Admin panel Admin panel button located in the upper-right corner of the site.
  2. Select Invite users under the Users & Groups column.
    Invite users under the users & groups column of the admin panel
  3. Select the appropriate role for the invitee. Descriptions for the roles will appear on the page (see image below).
  4. Edit restrictions for the invite and role under "Add restrictions?"
    • Invitation expiration: Choose a date and time for the invitation to expire. Invitees will have until that date to accept the invitation.
    • Role expiration: Choose never expires or expires after certain days. The options are 3, 7, 30, 90, and 180 days. Invitees will no longer have access to the site once their role expires.
      Invite users screen shows potential roles for the invitee
    • Note: Senior Scholars and Peer Learning Facilitators should be given "Participant" status. They will not appear in the Gradebook.
  5. Scroll down so you see the heading "Who do you want to invite?" and provide the invitee's email address. You can invite multiple people at a time.
  6. You can write a message along with the invitation in the Message box.
  7. You can check the box "Notify me at ... when invited users accept this invitation" to receive an email when your invitations are accepted.
  8. Click Invite users to send the email.
    Invite users email settings
  9. You will get a confirmation message with options to Send another invite or to Return to course.
    Confirmation message after an invitation is sent
  10. If the user accepts the invite within 14 days, they will be given the role you assigned. If not, you can re-issue the invitation (see invite history section below).

You can also invite users from the participants screen. You can access the participants screen in two ways:

From the course site: On the bottom of the navigation panel on the left, click Participants.
Participants in the navigation panel on the left of the course site
From the admin panel: Select Participants under the Users & Groups column.
Users and Groups column in admin panel
Once on the participants screen, click the box that reads Invite users in the right column, found at both the top and the bottom of the page. Then proceed with inviting users as described above.
Invite users button located on the top right of the participants screen

Accepting an Invitation

Invitees must accept their invitations before they can actually access the private course site. The invitations will be sent to the emails you specified. Once they find the invitation, they'll need to click the link that says View Invitation.

Email message of a course invitation

They'll be taken to your course site with a confirmation message to accept the invitation. The confirmation message confirms the course, the desired role, and the email of the recipient.

Confirm course invitation acceptance


After clicking Accept invitation, they'll be taken to the private course site.

Invite History

  1. Go to the Admin panel Admin panel button located in the upper-right corner of the site.
  2. Select Invite users under the Users & Groups column.
    Invite users under the users & groups column of the admin panel
  3. Click the Invite history tab at the top of the screen. The tab will now show a table with the course's previous invitations, including the invitee's email address, role, invite status, date sent, and expiration date.
    Invite history table showing To, From, Role, Status, Date sent, Expiration date, Actions
  4. Under Actions for invitations which have not yet expired, you can also:
    • Click Revoke invite to prevent the user from accepting the site invitation.
    • Click Extend invite to extend the expiration of the invitation for a user.
    • Click Resend invite after you revoke an invitation or after the invite had expired to have it restored.

Invite and Unenroll

Invitees can unenroll themselves from the course by using the Unenroll me from button in the left navigation panel.

Unenroll me from course name link, does not appear

A dialog box Confirming will appear. Invitees can click continue to Unenroll or cancel to stay enrolled.

Unenroll from course, Continue to unenroll or Cancel to stay enrolled

Add roles for a user

Follow these steps to give a user more than one role in a course:

  1. Login to your course website
  2. Click Admin Panel', then under Users & groups select Participants
    image shows the admin panel screen in CCLE with a red box outlined around 'Participants'
  3. This will show all users enrolled in the course. Within here, there are two places you can assign roles.
    1. The first is to click the plus sign within a user's roles and select which additional roles you would like add for a user.
      Assign roles to a Student, Grader, Editor
    1. The second is to click on Invite users to invite the user if they are not enrolled in the site yet.
      image shows the Invite users page

Determine role of a user

There are multiple ways to determine the role of a user, here are two.

1. Course administration -> Users & Groups -> Participants -> First column

Enrolled users first column heading.png
Click on the user picture or picture placeholder
User profile placeholder.png
The Roles and Group of the user will display, example below, user has the role of Student
Roles group of a user.png

2. Course administration -> Users & Groups -> Participants -> Drop down of Role, example below is of Student -> Filter button and this will give you just the users with the selected role.

Enrolled user drop down filter role participant.png
Role filter participant last access roles groups.png

Giving students temporary access to prior quarter class sites


Students only have access to the previous quarter course websites for the first two weeks of the subsequent quarter. There may be situations in which you want to grant someone access to past site, for example: a student needing to complete an Incomplete grade. To do this, you need to grant that student (or colleague or TA) temporary access to the closed course site. Screen shots show both the Student view and the Faculty view.

Course unavailable messages, Student view, Faculty view

To accomplish this, CCLE has created the "Temporary Participant" role which is only available via site invitation (in other words, you must issue an invitation to grant this type of access to the site). This role will give the Temporary Participant the same access as he or she had as a student, but on a limited-time basis.

You might also find that you would like to grant access to closed courses for teaching assistants or other faculty members. For this you would also use the site invitation and "Temporary Participant" role.

How To Issue A Site Invitation with Temporary Access

  1. From the course website, click Users in the Settings block. This will expand a menu beneath Users.
  2. Click Enrolled users
  3. You will next see the course roster. Find the name of the student needing access, and copy his or her email address, listed directly below the name.
  4. Click the "Invite user" button on the upper right.
  5. Click the radio button to select "Temporary Participant" as the role to assign.
  6. Use the pull down menu to select a duration for which this student will have access: 3, 7, 30, 90 or 180 days. Default is 3 days after being accepted.
  7. Paste the student's email address into the "Email address" field.
  8. You can include a message, such as: "Please accept this invitation which will grant you access to the ____ course website for the next 30 days."
  9. You have the option to allow or block the student from contacting you via email, and the option to be notified when the invitation is accepted.
  10. Click the "Invite user" button.

Invitation Email Text

In the invitation, the following will display in the invitation and confirmation page, see screen shot.

Student will Click on the View invitation, Button, BEFORE going to the site.

Temporary Student Access via Site invitation, Student will Click the View invitation button BEFORE going to the site

Re-activating the Entire Site

If for some reason you want to make a closed course site available to all of that site's participants, you can un-hide the entire site. Please see: Unhide a course

Config setting

The "Temporary Participant" is only active in Site invitation if the config setting enrol_invitation|enabletempparticipant is enabled. For SSC, the setting is disabled, for the Shared server the setting is enabled.

Self-Enroll in a CCLE Course

For the majority of course sites, student enrollment information is downloaded directly from the Registrar's Office; to be enrolled in the site, you must be enrolled in the course.

Some special sites, for example Language Placement Exam Registration sites, or inter-school course sites, might be open for self-enrollement. If this is the case, you will need your UCLA Logon ID to enroll yourself in the site. If the site requires an enrollment key, you will need to get the key from the instructor beforehand.

To look up/manage/create your UCLA logon, visit

  • Please note that the students, Teaching Assistants, and instructors officially registered in the course will have automatic access to the course site. If you should have access but do not, please contact your Local CCLE Support Staff.

Steps to follow for Student self-enrollment:

1. Go to 2. Click the Log in link in the upper right corner of your screen.

3. You will be brought to a new screen. Type in your UCLA Logon username and password.
Logon screen, Username, Password

4. You are now logged in. Paste the url provided by your Instructor or Project leader into the address bar of your browser

5. A new screen will appear and you will be prompted to supply the enrollment key for the site (also provided by your Instructor or Project Leader).

6. Enter the enrollment key, and click "Enrol me in this course."

7. As a Student, you can Unenroll yourself from the site. Under the Administration, Course administration, you will see Unenroll me and the course title. It will confirm you want to unenroll.

As a Student, Administration, Course administration, Unenroll me from course name

Tip for Instructor to clear, remove, inactive users that enrolled by Self-Enrollment

As an Instructor if you want to have inactive users that enrolled by Self-Enrollment removed from your site, return to the Course administration => Users => Enrollment methods => Self enrollment, screen shot below.

Course administration, Users, Enrollment methods, Self enrollment

There are many settings for Self enrollment. The one that will remove inactive users is Unenroll inactive after, some number of days, screen shot below. Be aware, once you Save changes, this will be immediate.

Unenroll inactive users after some number of days

Another way to remove Participants is to Delete the Enrollment method. You will see a Confirm message: "You are about to delete the enrollment method "February_26_2020_Two". All 1 users currently enrolled using this method will be unenrolled and any course-related data such as users' grades, group membership or forum subscriptions will be deleted."

Delete the Enrollment method to remove Participants that Self-enrolled using the method, Trash can icon

Tip for Course enrollment and Group enrollment

  • It is possible using one enrollment key to have Self-Enrollment put the member into both the course and a specified group.
  1. In the Group => Edit group settings => Enrollment key, set the key, aka Password.
Group enrollment key is set
  • The Self-enrollment settings also need two settings set for this to work.
  1. Enrollment key must be set, aka Password.
  2. Use group enrollment keys, must be set to Yes, screen shot below.
Self enrollment, two settings must be set for Enrollment key and set for Use group enrollment keys


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