Edit a course website

There are two ways to edit your course website.

1. The Admin Panel

  • Click on the gold button in the upper right corner of your site to open the Admin panel:

  • The Admin panel is organized into five sections: Manage material, Settings & backup, Users & groups, Logs & reports, and Additional. Look through these tabs for the specific changes you would like to make.


2. Turn editing on

  • Click the Turn editing on button TurnEditingOn.png in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Edit button
    Edit button, showing: 'Edit settings', 'Move right', 'Hide', 'Duplicate', 'Make public', 'Delete'
  • Top of Section, URL's with additional common functionality, Upload fileAdd linkAdd textAdd subheading
    Turn editing on, Top of Section, URLs with additional common functionality


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