What is an Activity?

An activity is a general name for the collection of interactive tools available to you within your CCLE site.

How to Add an Activity

Add an Activity or Resource

Setting up an Activity

When you add an activity to your site, you will be prompted to configure the settings you want to use for the tool.

  • Name (required)
  • Description
    • Display description on course page: if enabled, the description will be displayed on the course page just below the link to the activity or resource.
  • Availability
  • Common Module Settings (see Common Module Settings)
  • Restrict access: go to 'Restrict Access, and click the '"Add restriction" button. A choice of conditions appears including the date, grade, or the group/grouping students are in. The "Restriction set" button also allows for more complex criteria requiring nested conditions.
    • Screen shot below is the Common module setting and Restrict access defaults.
Common module settings, default and Restrict access, default

Common module setting and Restrict access

  • With the use of Groups and Groupings, it is possible to restrict the activity to just members of a given group and grouping. This can allow various groups and groupings to access an activity and exclude members of the class that are not in the specific group and grouping.
  • Generally it easier to name the Group and the Grouping the same name with the only difference being the last word, either Group or Grouping. Screen shot below showing the Common Quiz and the Long Quiz
    Groups and Groupings example showing Common Quiz and Long Quiz
  • Screen shot below showing a Quiz that is using a name Common Quiz. The Restrict access is then setup so that the Group and the Grouping both are set to the same pattern Common Quiz Group for the Group and Common Quiz Grouping for the Grouping. This will allow the members of the Common Quiz Group and the Common Quiz Grouping to take the Quiz and exclude the members of the Long Quiz. The members of the Long Quiz Group and Long Quiz Grouping will take a longer, different, Quiz.
Common module setting and Restrict access with a specific Group and Grouping set


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