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Quick overview

There are quite a few settings to be set for this to work as expected.

  • Course
  • Activity
  • Completion requirements, multiple options
  • Block - Instructor view, Student view
  • Reports - Instructor view, Student view

Enable course completion

  1. In order to use the course completion status block, you must have course completion enabled for the course.
  2. Click Edit settings in the course Settings block
  3. Under Completion tracking, select Enable completion tracking to Yes, Save changes button
Edit settings => Completion tracking => Enable completion tracking => Yes
  • Under Course Administration a gear icon and Course Completion will display.
Course administration => Course completion

Add completion requirements to an activity

  1. In order to use the course completion status block, you must have one or more course completion requirements set up
  2. Click Edit settings under an activity administration
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Activity completion
  4. Change the Completion tracking to either Students can manually mark the activity as completed or Show activity as completed when conditions are met
    1. If you select Show activity as completed when conditions are met, you can select that students must either view the activity to meet the necessary conditions or receive a grade to complete this activity
    2. You can also change the expected completion date. This is not shown to students.
      1. Be sure to Save
Activity => Edit settings => Activity completion, Showing multiple settings

Add completion requirements for the course

  • In the Course administration block, click Course completion
Course administration => Course completion
  • Completion requirements leave this at All to require a student to meet all of the completion requirements for the course. Change this to Any for a student to only be required to complete one of the requirements
Course completion => General => Completion requirements => Drop-down of either ALL or ANY

Add Condition: Activity completion for an Activity

  • Check one or more Checkboxes for Activities, example below is Media collection - general
Course completion => Condition: Activity completion = Checkbox for the activity, example shows Media collection checked

Add Condition: Course grade

  • Course grade: You can alternatively select a lower limit for a required grade for completion of the course. This will NOT update the current course pass grade.

Add Condition: Manual self completion

  • Condition: Manual self completion => Enable checkbox, Manual self completion if you want students to be able to mark their progress as completed. The 'Note' indicates that the Block for self completion must be added.
Course completion => Condition: Manual self completion, Note, the Course completion status block must be added to the site

Add Condition: There are other conditions that may be added such as Date

Add the Course completion status block - Instructor view

Course completion status block, Instructor view, can be expanded for View course report
  • By clicking Expand, Plus box, you can look at one individual's course completion status
  • Click View course report, you can see completion requirements tracking for all students in a course
Completions status block => View course report => Details, showing Media collection is completed, Checkbox is checked

Course completion status block - Student view

  • Once completion requirements are set, the course completion status will show a student's progress in the course. Student can click on More details to get a report.
Course completion status block, Student view, showing 'Activity completion' 1 of 1, Click 'More details' to see additional

Course completion status block, More details, Student view, Report

Student view of an individual activity with the Checkbox checked, activity has been Completed


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