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The Quickmail block is a tool that enables instructors and TAs to send emails to a specific selection of students enrolled in a course. Instructors might prefer Quickmail over communicating via subscribed forums, which generally send messages to the entire class.


Adding the Quickmail block

  1. Click the orange Turn editing on button TurnEditingOn.png in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Locate the Add a block drop-down menu; click to view the selections.
  3. Click on Quickmail and the Quickmail block should now be added to your page.

Sending Messages using Quickmail

  1. Click on Compose Course Message in the Quickmail block
    Quickmail block.png
  2. Choose what email you want to send the message from. If you have alternate emails, they will appear in the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the recipients of the email from the drop-down menu or by typing their names. Selected recipients will appear above the menu.
    1. You can also select recipients by group, such as all in course, all students, etc.
    2. To remove a recipient, click on the x on their name.
      Recipients for a course message sent via Quickmail
  4. You can also choose to exclude certain recipients. You select who to exclude the same way you select who to include.
  5. Provide a subject for your message in the Subject line. Providing a subject is mandatory.
  6. Compose your message in the text editor box provided.
    Adding the subject and body to a course message
  7. You can add attachments to the email by dragging and dropping files into the dotted box, or by clicking the add file icon Add file icon brings up the file picker to call up the file picker.
  8. If you have created a signature, you can select it from the drop-down menu below the file picker.
    Settings before sending out a course message
  9. Send message as allows you to choose between sending your message as an email (recommended) or a Moodle message.
  10. You can opt to send at a specific date and time by checking Enable and specifying the date and time on the calendar.
  11. "send report" of your message will be sent by default, but you can choose not to receive one. If you choose to receive one, a confirmation email will be sent to you when the message has been sent to the recipients.
  12. Click Send Message to send your message either immediately or at the time specified. Click Save Draft to save a copy of the message without sending it. You can also click Cancel to back out of this screen, and a draft will not be saved.

Creating a Signature

Quickmail gives you the option to create customizable signatures to include in your emails. To create a new signature:

  1. Click on My Signatures in the Quickmail block.
    My Signatures option in the Quickmail block
  2. Select Signature To Edit: Create New is the default in the drop-down menu.
  3. Create a Title for this signature. A title is how the signature is identified in drop-down menus.
  4. Compose the signature in the text editor box.
  5. Click the Default checkbox if you would like this to be your default signature.
  6. Click Save to save this signature.

To edit an existing signature, select its title from the drop-down in step 2. Then you can edit it in the text editor. Click Save when you are finished editing.

NOTE: Signatures do not affect the From or Reply-To fields; they only appear at the foot (bottom) of the message.

Additional Features

Quickmail also provides the following methods for you to further modify your mailing preferences:

View Drafts

Select View Drafts from the Quickmail block to view saved versions of messages that have not yet been sent.
View Drafts in Quickmail block

In the drop-down menu, choose the course you want to see the drafts for. It will automatically show you the drafts for the course you were just on.

A list of all the course message drafts saved with options to edit, duplicate, or delete each one.
  1. To edit a draft:
    1. Click on the Edit button for the draft you want to edit.
    2. You will be taken to the Compose Course Message screen.
    3. From this screen you can edit and save or send the draft.
  2. To duplicate the draft, click on the Duplicate button
  3. To delete the draft, click on the Delete button.

View Scheduled

Select View Scheduled from the Quickmail block to view saved versions of messages that are scheduled to be sent at a later date.
View Scheduled option in the Quickmail block
You will see a list of all your scheduled messages, organized by their scheduled time. By default, the messages are ordered with the earliest scheduled time at the top and the latest at the bottom. Click on the column Scheduled Time to switch so the messages are sorted with the latest scheduled time at the top.
Scheduled messages in the quickmail system For each message, there are three options:

  • View: Click on the view button for the message you want to view. You will be taken to a screen that shows the message's content, the course it will be sent to, the time it will be sent, and other information.
    Message details for scheduled messages from Quickmail block
    • Like on the last screen, you have the option to Send Now or Unqueue.
    • You also have the option to Duplicate. This will duplicate the message and save it as a draft. This will not affect the original scheduled message.
  • Send Now will send the message now instead of at the scheduled time.
  • Unqueue will take the message off the queue. A copy of it will be saved as a draft.

View Sent Messages

Select View Sent Messages from the Quickmail block to view a list of all messages that have already been sent.
View Sent Messages in the Quickmail block

In the drop-down menu, choose the course you want to see the message history for. It will automatically show you the message history for the course you were just on.

List of all the course messages sent for a chosen course

To view a sent message:

  1. Click on the view button for the message you want to view. You will be taken to a screen that shows the message's content, the course it was sent to, the date it was sent, and other information.
    Message details of an individual course message
  2. From this screen, clicking Duplicate will duplicate the message and save it as a draft. You will be sent to the Drafts screen. It does not simply re-send the message.

Alternate Emails

Instructors have the option to send Quickmail messages from an alternate email address. If a message is sent from an alternate email, student replies will be sent to that address.

NOTE: Use of an alternate email address only affects the “Reply-to” for emails sent from Quickmail. The email in your CCLE instructor profile will be used for all other emails and messages. Messages sent via the forum, for example, will still be sent from the email address associated with the course.

To create an alternate email address for Quickmail messages:

  1. Select Alternate Emails from the Quickmail block.
    Alternate Emails in the Quickmail block
  2. You will see a list of existing alternate emails and their information with the option to delete them. To create a new alternate email, click Create New.
    List of alternate emails for Quickmail
  3. Enter the Email address, first name, and last name you wish to use.
  4. Who can send from this email?: You can choose from
    1. Only me, in any course
    2. Only me, in a specific course
    3. All allowed roles in the current course
      Add an alternate email to the Quickmail system
  5. Click Save, and the new email will show in the list of alternate emails with a status of "Waiting".
  6. Log in to your alternate email account and click the link in the email detailing to activate this address in Quickmail. The activation status of your alternate email should change to "Confirmed" on the Alternate Emails page.


To modify the appearance of the Quickmail block, click the orange Turn editing on button TurnEditingOn.pngin the top right corner of your screen, and then click the gear icon Gear icon.png directly next to the Quickmail block header. Then click Configure Quickmail block.

Configure Quickmail block, the first option in the Actions menu

From this screen, you can edit where the block appears.

Configuring a Quickmail block screen shows configuration settings

NOTE: Configuring Quickmail only affects the course you are working in.

  • Where this block appears
    • Original block location: Shows the course in which the block was originally created
    • Display on page types: Allows you to change what types of pages the block will appear on. The options will vary depending on the permissions of the user. For instructor, the options are (1) Any type of course main page (2) Any course page (3) Any page.
    • Default region: Choose the default region the block will appear.
    • Default weight: Weight is the order in which the block will appear in the column. The more negative the weight, the closer to the top the block will appear. The more positive, the closer to the bottom.
  • On this page
    • Visible: Yes or no
    • Region: You can override the default column preference on this page
    • Weight: You can override the default setting on this page.


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