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macOS 10.15 Catalina - October 2019

As of October 2019 , if you are using macOS 10.15 , you need to follow extra steps to adjust your macOS screen recording settings. See iclicker documentation: How to Run iClicker Cloud and iClicker Classic on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)

macOS 10.1x - September 2018

As of May 2017, updated September 2018, for 7.19, if you are using macOS 10.1x , you need to read the following at the iclicker site: Does i>clicker work with MacOS 10.12 Sierra?

  • Please allow yourself some additional time for this setup as it is a slower setup to do than the Windows setup and will require more skill and effort.
macOS 10.12 Sierra, issues with iclicker, error message and workaround URL in MediaWiki text

What is iClicker Classic, formerly i>clicker 7.x series?

May 2017, i>clicker 7.x series became iClicker Classic. This is the documentation for the iClicker Classic. There are separate instructions are for the 6.x series. You should not try to mix the instructions as the 7.x series has many changes from the 6.x series. The 7.x series is much easier to setup and use than the 6.x series.

i>clicker is an "audience response solution" that allows site participants (students and instructors) to interact dynamically with course content "through questions and answers in real time" during the class session.

If you goal is to survey as a non-graded event, then you do not need these instructions. You can use the i>clicker hardware and run your survey. The students do not need to register their i>clickers for a non-graded event.

Adding the i>clicker block to your Moodle course

  1. Click the Turn editing on button TurnEditingOn.png in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Locate the Add a block and click on the drop-down (This is NOT + Add an activity or resource)
Add a block
  • Select "i>clicker"

Syncing your Moodle roster to your i>clicker

Download the Moodle i>clicker files

  1. Click on the Instructor Report link in the i>clicker block
  2. Download the appropriate UCLA version of the i>clicker software (Windows version or Mac version)
  3. Save the software somewhere on your computer. It is best and fastest to save it onto the Desktop. Saving directly to an inexpensive, cheap, USB key may result in a failure, 10/3/2016. Or, in other words, Download, then Unzip, Extract to you Desktop and Copy to your USB key.
  4. Unzip (Extract) the software files, the folder should be named iclicker-7.x ( ).zip
    1. The ( ) will be either -win for Windows or -mac for Apple
  5. Copy the Unzipped folder to your USB key, it is a good idea and best practice to dedicate a USB key for just i>clicker, formatted as FAT32.
    1. Copy time will vary, probably about five minutes, the progress bar will start out showing a long time, but it will only take about five minutes. The Desktop is usually fast but the USB key can be slow, depends on the age and quality of the USB Key. As of 12/13/2019 there are some 293 items to copy for -win.
      1. If there are messages, usually two or three, about Confirm Encryption LossYes button, and there should be a Checkbox for all items, check the Checkbox, Do this for all current items (### found)
    2. On the key will be a QuickStartGuide.pdf and a UserGuide.pdf and the UserGuide is over 100 pages with plenty of screen shots showing usage.
    3. We have had reports of USB keys that are retractable being hard to use with some i>clicker USB bases (10/1/2013)
Directory showing iclicker.exe, QuickStartGuide.pdf and UserGuide.pdf

General information

  1. The i>clicker USB base creates a network between class registered i>clickers and the base itself. This is one reason the response speed is good. As of mid July 2018, the USB base software is firmware is 6.02 and if your base is not current, you, or your IT people, should do the update, it takes only a few minutes per base.
  2. On import to Moodle, i>grader software will create a Gradebook entry in a Category named iclicker polling scores. Generally, as long as the USB key is available and undamaged, any errors can be corrected. The highest risk is loss of the USB key and this is why it is best practice to upload the data from the USB key to the CCLE servers as soon as possible.

Check for software update

  • Generally, the software download is current. But, sometimes, i>clicker has released newer software and the CCLE download is a version behind. As of Late Fall 2019, 7.22.0 is on the CCLE Shared server. As of December 2019, 7.22.0 is the latest version.
  1. From the USB Key, open the iclicker-7.x folders until you see a file named iclicker and open that file iclicker icon enlarged
    7.19 Splash screen
  2. If asked, Select Language, English by default, Click OK button.
  3. You may Register with i>clcker if you want or click Remind me later button.
  4. The software will load, launch, Click the Help menu, Check for Update and there may or may not be an update.
Menu of Help, Check for Update
  • If you want to see the details of the release, click the Show Details button.
Update, Show Details button to see the Release notes
Update, Show Details button, showing Release version and date
  • By default, the prior version will be Archived. If you do not need the prior version Archived, Uncheck the Checkbox.
iclicker 7 series, Update, Checkbox can be Unchecked if the prior version Archive is not needed
  • Click the Update button to start the download. This may take a few minutes depending on your connection speed and the speed of your USB key. Wait it out, the software will eventually relaunch, you will need to select the language again. If you check the details of the file, you will notice it has moved up, in this example from 7.13 to 7.14.
iClicker Classic

Create the course, Setup Sync, Sync Roster

  • If you have the latest software, go ahead and launch i>clicker from the USB key.

Create the course

Click the + Create button, toward the bottom left of the software

Button showing plus sign, + Create
  1. Type in a Course Name and then Click the Create button
    1. A message dialog may appear, click OK
  2. Click the Gear icon, bottom middle Settings
  3. Click the fourth Tab, Gradebook, Click the Select Course button
    Select Course button

LMS Name: is CCLE Shared server unless you know your course is on the SSC CCLE server

LMS Name, CCLE Shared server, the default, or SSC CCLE server

Copy Single Sign-On Security Key first

  1. Go to your course, i>clicker block, near the bottom of the screen Single Sign-On Security Key
  2. Copy the characters in the Your Security Key:
i>clicker Block Single Sign-On Security Key
Bottom of Instructor Report screen, Single Sign-On Security Key

Primary Institution

  1. Please enter a valid institution, start to type University of Calif... and a list should appear. Select University of California Los Angeles as for version 7.21 of 7.22, this is required, October 2019.

LMS Log in, MUST have

  1. LMS Username: This is your UCLA Log in ID, your BOLID and MUST have, Example:
By default the Checkbox for Save my credentials and automatically log me into my LMS is checked. If you do not want the automatic log in, uncheck the Checkbox. Click the Log In button.

Setup Sync

  1. Once logged in, a list of courses will appear, Select your course, be careful to select the correct year, correct quarter, correct term and such otherwise this will not work. Click the Select button to continue. The course should be there in LMS Course:
    LMS Course showing course names, be sure to select the correct quarter, correct term
  2. Click the Save button. A message will appear, "Your course roster will not appear in the gradebook until you sync it from your LMS or get the correct file to your course folder.", Click OK button.
Roster File Not Found message dialog box

Redo Log in

If you need to redo the Log in then do these steps.

  • From inside the Course SettingsGradebook, Click the Select Course button, screen shot below.
Course Settings => Gradebook => Select Course button
  • Bottom left of the screen, Click the Log Out button, screen shot below.
Course Settings => Gradebook => Select Course => Log Out button
  • You will see a screen like the screen shot below, Log in to your learning management system and you will need the LMS UsernameLMS Password, and Security Key these are the steps detailed in Create the course, just above.
Log in to your learning management system
LMS Username (must contain, LMS Password, Security Key
  • If the above steps do not work immediately, try to log out of AND close the browser. Close i>clicker. Open the browser and open i>clicker and try again. Or, close one browser and try another, so if you are in Chrome, log out and close Chrome. Open Firefox and log in, try again. Sometimes the browse cache causes problems and if you know how, or want to learn how, you can clear the browser cache.

Sync Roster

  • Click the Open Gradebook button, toward the right side, bottom, notice the first two buttons are 'grayed' out as no USB base is attached to the computer. The third button Open Gradebook is active and available.
i>clicker Buttons, first two are 'grayed' out as no USB base is attached to the computer, Open Gradebook is active and available
  • Click the Sync Roster button
Sync Roster button
  • A message should appear, Student roster downloaded successfully., Click Close button and the roster should be displayed. You can do a visual between your course and the i>clicker roster.
Student roster downloaded successfully
    • Click the Gradebook screen closed, X in the top right, screen shot just below (the main i>clicker software will then reappear as you are in the Gradebook).


Click the X at the top right to return to the main iclicker software

Start New Session

  • Click the Start New Session button. [The i>clicker USB base must be connected for the "Start New Session" button to be available, otherwise the first two buttons are 'grayed' out.]
    • Note there is a Resume Session button.
Start New Session, Resume Session, Open Gradebook buttons
  • A small control tool will load, called the Session Toolbar. The Start New Session button will only be available if the i>clicker USB base is plugged in and powered (otherwise "Start New Session" will be dimmed, grayed out, not clickable, not available).
Session Toolbar
Session Toolbar with Gear icon, Options menu, showing
  • The Session Toolbar by default loads to the top-left corner of the screen, it is movable and can also be minimized. It may take a few seconds to load (depending on the speed of the USB Key).
  • Click the Session Toolbar green right arrow to start the session.
    Session Toolbar, Green Right Arrow
    • Base Frequency dialog may appear, this is only needed if you need to change "Base frequency code", "Close" button.
  • Be aware, i>clicker takes a snapshot (screen shot) of the computer screen displayed when the green right arrow is clicked. To make the screen shots as useful as possible, it is best to only display the question (not other applications such as email, websites, so forth).

Stop the Session and set the Answer

  • Click the Session Toolbar red square to end the session.
Stop Session button
  • The i>clicker Series 6 had a feature called "Question Lists" but as of 12/21/2016, this is not in the Series 7 and it is not planned for Series 7.
    • and search for 'i>clicker 6: Differences Between i>clicker 6 and i>clicker 7' for a list of 6 and 7 features
  • The correct Answer can be selected from the Results Chart
Results Chart, graph icon, Show hide results
Results Chart => Answer to set the correct answer
  • If the Session Toolbar has been closed, then you could use the View URL in the Gradebook, screen shot below, View is on the far right of the screen shot.
Gradebook, View URL to set the correct answer, change the Session name, other settings
  • Example below is one student response and the correct Answer is "D", displays in green
Question 2, Correct Answer is "D"
  • Example below is one student response and the correct Answer is "C" and the student got it wrong, Selected "D", displays in red
Question 2, Correct Answer is "C" and student selected "D"

Sync Scores to CCLE (Moodle) Gradebook

  • Once the polling is done, a Sync can be run to move the scores from the USB Key into CCLE, Moodle Gradebook.
  • Below is an example of Session 1 on 9/30/2015, with two students. The cell showing "Ab" in red means Absent, the student did not respond to the Session 1 poll. The next cell, below "Ab", showing "1", means that student did respond to the poll and has a correct answer.
  • If you use the "Instructor Report" and find names of students in red, this means the student has not registered their iclicker.
Session 1 showing scores for two students, one is Ab, Absent, other is score of 1
  • i>clicker => Open Gradebook => Sync Scores, this is from inside of i>clicker Gradebook.
Click the Open Gradebook button
iclicker => Open Gradebook => Sync Scores
  • Select the session you want to upload to Moodle. In the example below, there are two sessions, the first is 9/30/2015 and the second is 10/6/2015. Using the Checkbox, pick, and in this example, just Session 1 will be uploaded, the Checkbox is checked, "Next" button.
iclicker, Upload Scores to LMS, Session 1, Checkbox is checked
  • Depending on your workflow, it may be a good idea to rename the sessions, this is easy to do. From inside of the i>clicker Gradebook, click View on the session you want to rename. i>clicker will by default have the Session and Date.
iclicker, Gradebook, Session, Rename, Click on View
iclicker showing Session and Date
    • Top left, Click on the Summary button, screen shot below.
      i>clicker, Session rename, Summary button
    • This will open Session Summary and the Session Name: can be changed, screen shot below is Session 5.
      i>clicker, Session Summary, Session Name, Session 5, ready to rename


    • Session Name, screen shot below, changed to Week_3_Session_5. Be aware that "Special Characters" may cause problems, one example is the & (ampersand) 12/2/2016, 11/28/2017
      i>clicker, Session Name changed to Week_3_Session_5
    • Click the Session Summary screen closed, Top Right, X, screen shot below (the Session software will then reappear as you are still in the "View").
View URL showing in the far right of the screen shot
Summary and Scoring icons display, Click in the Top Right the X to return to the prior screen


    • In the i>clicker Gradebook, the Session will now display as Week_3_Session_5, screen shot below.
      Session Name in i>clicker Gradebook displays as Week_3_Session_5
    • Now, on Sync Scores the Session Title is Week_3_Session_5, screen shot below, and Checkbox is checked, ready to Sync.
i>clicker, Sync Scores, Upload Scores to LMS, Session Title, Checkbox for Week_3_Session_5 is checked


  • If you need to change the Session Scoring click the Scoring button and make changes as needed.
Click the Scoring button to change Session Scoring settings
Session Scoring, Settings for Participation, Performance
  • Further below is a screen shot from inside the Moodle Gradebook of iclicker polling scores, Week_3_Session_5_Total.
  • Customize your uploaded data screen. Depending on what you want to do, make your selections. Screen shot below are the defaults, Click the Upload button.
    • A message should display, Scores uploaded successfully.
iclicker, Upload Scores to LMS, Customize your upload data, showing Defaults
Scores uploaded successfully

After Scores are Synced to CCLE (Moodle) Gradebook

  • Course administration => Grades Course administration => Grades
  • By default, the view is set to Grader report Grader report
  • By default, the i>clicker software will create a Category named iclicker polling scores screen shot below and also showing the results of "Session 1".
Grader report, Category, iclicker polling scores
  • Change the view from Grader report to Gradebook setup, screen shot below.
Change the view from Grader report to Gradebook setup
  • From the Gradebook setup, there is more control, including Edit, screen shot below
Gradebook setup, Category of iclicker polling scores, showing Column of Action, Edit
  • Example screen shot below is of a Session that was renamed inside the i>clicker Gradebook to Week_3_Session_5_Total, now in the Moodle Gradebook.
    i>clicker, Inside the Moodle Gradebook, showing iclicker polling scores, Week_3_Session_5_Total

Change Frequency Code

Sometimes the i>clicker USB bases will need to have their Frequencies changed as two, or more, are in close proximity and are their radio signals are getting into each other. The UserGuide.pdf on the USB key has instructions, search on the words, "frequency code" and you will find help for both Instructor and Student.

  • From inside the i>Clicker, Course => Course settings, Tab of General, toward the middle, Frequency code. Default is AA, so try changing to BA, BB, something other than AA, screen shot below.
  • Be certain to click the "Save" button, bottom right.
i>clicker, Course, Course settings, Tab of General, Frequency code

  • When the Instructor clicks the button "Start New Session" and then on the "Session Toolbar"
Session Toolbar

"Start polling" a message will display to the Student to change their i>clicker device frequency.

i>clicker, Base Frequency change message

Roll call registration

  • If as Instructor, you want to check if all the Students have registered their i>clicker, consider doing "Roll call registration" and a quick search of the UserGuide.pdf for "roll call registration" has good explaination and screen shots. Roll call registration is an in-class student registration, recommended for smaller courses, 50 students, and is an alternative to the classic Student registration method.
    Directory showing iclicker.exe, QuickStartGuide.pdf, and UserGuide.pdf
    Session Toolbar with Gear icon, Options menu, showing


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