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You can see your site as any given student will see it using the "Switch role to" feature.

You might have some items hidden from your students and find that you want to double-check what they can and can't see. Or a student might tell you that he or she can't access a certain file or activity. For these situations, you can use the Switch role to feature to drop into a Student role and see what a student sees when he or she logs into your site. You can simulate all of the same functions as a student without actually posting or submitting anything.

Be aware, you must have an Instructor, or Instructor equivalent role, in the class for Switch role to correctly function. If you have say Category level rights, the Switch role to will not function correctly. You must be a member of the specific course for correct functionality.

To use Switch role to...

  • Click on the Switch role to... in the left hand navigation menu
Switch role to...
  • Select the role you wish to see (most instructors will want to see what a student sees, so he or she might select student)
  • Navigate to the resource item or the activity you would like to see while logged in as a student
Switch role to showing view of Student, note the (Student)

To return to your normal role

  • Click on the Return to my normal role link in Switch role to...
Switch role to, showing Return to my normal role


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